Iuma is a South African citizen and has a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Geology, an M.Sc in Geochemistry and a PhD in Civil Engineering and GIS from the University of Cape Town. She is a professional member of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions which is a statutory body that monitors the ethical behaviour of its members. Membership of this body is recognized internationally for purposes of competent persons reports used in public listing documents.

Iuma has worked as a GIS specialist for over 16 years in various capacities and for a wide range of applications such as: Image processing, GIS support for diamond and base metal exploration projects, regional geological analyses (Botswana/Namibia), base metal target selection etc.

As an Earth Science data Spatial Analyst, Iuma has mostly been involved in diamond and base metal exploration and has consulted on projects in most of the Central and Southern African countries. She has also worked extensively in urban applications in the past and her more recent areas of interest in this field include GIS-Google Earth interfacing and 3-D models of building structures and terrain related data.

Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) Geology, M.Sc. Geochemistry, Ph.D. Civil Engineering / Geographic Information Systems, University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, Pr.Sci.Nat.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Afrikaans

Courses: Introduction to programming ArcObjects with VBA (GIMS / ESRI, Cape Town , 29 May - 2June 2006); Landmark Forum (Landmark Education, Cape Town , February 2006)

Employment History:

2008-present: Director of GIS for Tsodilo Resources Pty Limited; Director of Giscapetown (cc); Associate of VP3 Geoservices (Pty)Ltd

2001-2008: GIS Developer for: Tsodilo Resources (Pty) Ltd, VP3, CAMECO & GIS Specialist / Data processor for Fugro (FSAPL, FSBV, FSME); Liaison for AEON-Tsodilo Joint Research Projects

2007-2008: Honorary Research Associate (Department of Civil Engineering, UCT:2000); GIS Consultant for Abbot Grobicki (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa

1996-1999: Scientific Officer and Senior Scientific Officer, Urban GIS Research Unit Civil Engineering Dept, UCT

Software Experience:

GIS software: ERDAS IMAGINE®, VirtualGIS®, ENVI 4.2®, ArcView® (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox), Spatial Analyst®, Gemlite®, GeoMedia®, MGE MicroStation (SE/V8)®, MapInfo®; Microdem®; Accessories/Plug-ins such as: ETGeowizards®, Shape2kml®, Oasis Montaj Viewer®, Google Earth®, ERDAS Titan Viewer®, MapWindowGIS® etc..Processing software: Starfix Processing modules (Surface, Swathedit, Dtm, Contour), Triton Helix (ISIS, Delphmap) StarfixEdit; Other: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Coplot, Costat

Project Experience:


-Currently working on multi-surface and 3-D (planar/volume) models associated with base metal exploration in NW Ngamiland.

-Developed GIS techniques for base metal exploration and kimberlite targeting in NW Ngamiland (Botswana) – A case study exhibiting the potential for 3d visualization and improved feature extraction based on Erdas, Ermapper and ArcGIS software.

-Developed & Applied a proximal analysis GIS methodology for filtering magnetic anomaly targets associated with possible IOCG deposits.

-Collaboration with AEON on study of Zambian copper belt-like mineralisation in Pan African Basement of northwest Botswana.

-Developed a 3-Day GIS Course developed by Giscapetown: Introduction to ArcGIS (with reference to exploration geology and other industries)see: http://sudoroom.com/coursesplanned)

-Developed Image filtering techniques for improved feature definition and 3-D surface modelling of aeromagnetic terrain data , NW Ngamiland. Internal Report: Tsodilo Resources (PTY) LTD, pp1-78


-Proterozoic Carbonaceous Shale-Hosted Sulphide Mineral Deposit at Tsodilo Hills:The Copperbelt Ore Shale in Northwestern Botswana? Internal Report: Tsodilo Resources (PTY) LTD, pp1-21.

-Botswana GIS Greenfields Exploration study covering unlicensed prospecting areas in central, southern and eastern Botswana- phase 1 for: CAMECO

-Application of VTEM survey, Ternary Magnetic Anomaly and Gravity Bouger Anomaly and other data sets for base metal exploration in NW Ngamiland (internal reports for Tsodilo Resources Pty Ltd) Botswana

-Contouring and plots for stream sediment survey report: Independent Technical Review of Alluvia Diamond Mining blocks Mandala River Project, Guinea, West Africa for Stellar Diamonds (P.Walker & I.Martinez)

-Various GIS generated diagrams for Orapa / Jwaneng related projects (VP3)

-Thematic mapping of geochemical data based on loam, rock, pit soil and other sampling surveys for Togo (VP3)

-Hillshading and processing of DTM and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) imagery for base metal exploration in NW Ngamiland (AEON / Tsodilo Resources)

-Collaboration with Impact Crater Research Group involving high resolution edge detection image processing methods for meteorite crater detection (Tsodilo Resources/ University of Witwatersrand)

-Initiate GIS for Kimberlite Exploration in Tanzania (Indian Ocean Diamonds/VP3)

-GIS initiated for Kimberlite Exploration in Guinea (Stellar Diamonds/VP3)


Joint AEON-TSODILO Resources Research Project: Research on I: the location of the Matchless Amphibolite Belt in NW Ngamiland (BOTSWANA) & II: Craton issues associated with diamondiferous kimberlite potential of NW Ngamiland (BOTSWANA) (AEON: Africa Earth Observatory Network, University of Cape Town,SA)

Southern Angola LANDSAT 7 ETM+ Studies- Mineral ratio calculations and structural / geological interpretations for the Moxico Concessions (for: CAMECO / VP3)

Evaluation of PCI Geomatica software for lineament extraction and edge definition based on Landsat ETM imagery

-Desktop studies for base metal exploration in NW Ngamiland (Botswana) (For: Tsodilo Resources (Pty) Ltd):

a)A coarse multi-variate analysis of aeromagnetics, iron-oxide Landsat image ratios, soil anomaly, lithology, tectonostratigraphic information to define potential base metal PL boundaries and target zones in NW Ngamiland(Botswana).

b)Identifying broad regional relationships between the geological datasets for Botswana and Namibia, with an emphasis on the lithologies associated with base metal occurrences and a variety of other geological variables.

c)A brief synopsis of some of the major characteristics of some key Cu-Ni Base metal sulphide deposits. These characteristics are then used to analyse the regional Botswana geological data with respect to the potential for similar base metal deposits in the area.

d)An examination of geochemical and geophysical variations in the Kihabe area and the application of these observations to constrain areas of possible economic interest on an regional scale. Amongst the data types compared are: aeromagnetics, geology ,soil geochemistry (Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag, Ni, Cr and Mg), degree of exposure and detailed geophysics data interpretions (eg lineaments).

e)A comparison of selected existing drill log descriptions and ICP data for NW Ngamiland with previous studies on the MAB Namibia.

-GIS support for other diamond and base metal exploration projects based in: Guinea, SA, Tanzania, Namibia, Madagascar (for: VP3).


Evaluation of Hyperion, ALI, EO-1 Sat and ASTER (VNIR, SWIR and TIR) satellite data for kimberlite exploration in Botswana (current); A GIS Study of Satellite Imagery, Aeromagnetic Gradient, Fault and Lithological Boundary Proximity in the Newdico and Gcwihaba Resources Prospecting License Areas

Contouring of geochemical /geophysical data (Spatial Analyst); database development; plots for PL approvals/ Quarterly Reports - Tsodilo Resources (Botswana)

Profile generation and CAD support for Falcon Cable Route Project - FSME, UAE / Middle East; 2005: Multi-beam data processing support to NGT, Zeepipe, Europipe projects (Starfix: Surface, Swathedit, Dtm, contour) (FSBV); 2005: GIS database for Kimberlite pipe exploration, Tsodilo Resources Ltd.(Botswana)


-GIS database for West Africa - Fugro Opcos in: Holland, UK, US, SA ; Charting - Songo Songo, Tanzania ; 2003: Side Scan Imagery processing & charting - Songo Songo, Tanzania; Pilot GIS database for North Sea Dutch Sector: Gemlite evaluation; Inter-Opcos data transfer format evaluation - FSBV, Holland

-StarfixEdit processing for ROV survey - Lowestoft, Scotland; Processing for SSS Survey - Mosselbay, SA; SSS image processing for Namdeb (ISIS); StarfixEdit processing & charting - Djambala, Congo; GIS Pilot database for offshore Angola - FSBV

-Annual Update of Mossgas Pipeline GIS & FA Platform GIS with 2000 inspection data

-Cape Metropolitan Council Catchment Management GIS project


-Developed GIS databases for implementation for informal settlement upgrading, Cape Town; 1996-1998: GIS for Integrated Catchment Management of the Lotus River Catchment Area; 1996: Collation, documentation and analysis of GIS-Based Visual Settlement Planning (ViSP), Belo Horizonte, Brazil

-Maurice Ewing Research Vessel Cruise from Rhode Island University. Monitoring geophysical computer equipment and geochemical sampling (1994)

-Stable isotope analysis of silicate minerals / gabbro ridge samples from the Okenyenya igneous complex, UCT; 1992: Electron microprobing of chromites; X-Ray Fluoresence (XRF)

Selected Publications / Internal Reports:

  • Abbott J., Huchzermeyer, M. and Martinez, I. (1997) Integrating GIS with social processes: the need for appropriate methodologies for informal settlement upgrading. In: IKUSASA CONSAS '97 ABSTRACTS Technical and informal settlement sessions book of Abstracts, Durban , International Convention Centre (ICC), 3p.
  • Abbott, J., Martinez, I. A. and Huchzermeyer, M. (1999) The application of Visual Settlement Planning (ViSP) in South Africa : Facilitating urban upgrading programmes and building the capacity of local communities. PART 1: Analysis of informal settlements and applicability of ViSP in South Africa . Water Research Commission Report, WRC project No.: K5/786.
  • Abbott, J., Martinez, I. A. and Huchzermeyer, M. (2000) The application of Visual Settlement Planning (ViSP) in South Africa : Facilitating urban upgrading programmes and building the capacity of local communities. PART 2: A detailed GIS-based analysis of the New Rest informal settlement in the Cape Town region. Water Research Commission project No.: K5/786.
  • CD of Maps for the Lotus River Catchment Project. (2000) (Produced for WRC / Abbott Grobicki (Pty) Ltd .)
  • Cloetingh, S., de Wit, M.J., Lankreijer, A. and Martinez, I. (1992) Subsidence history analysis and forward modelling of the Cape and Karoo Supergroups. In: de Wit, M. J. and Ransome, I.G. D. (eds) Inversion Tectonics of the Cape Fold Belt, Karoo and Cretaceous Basins of Southern Africa. Balkema, Rotterdam, p239-248.
  • Cooper, G.R.J., Webb, S.J., Gibson, R.L. and Martinez, I.(in prep.) A possible new impact structure in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. In press. Special Bulletin of the Geological Society of S.A. pp1-19.
  • De Wit, M.(2009)Tsodilo Resources Pty Limited drills extension of Zambian copper belt-like mineralisation in Pan African Basement of northwest Botswana.p1-21. Contributed: Supplementary Materials: SM1 - SM18; and figures:1 to 10, A1, A2. 2009-03-23_THDMPAB; http://www.tsodiloresources.com/s/Home.asp
  • Grobicki, A., Males, R., Martinez, I., Matika, S. and Archibald, S. (in press) Integrated Catchment Management in an Urban Context: the Great and Little Lotus Rivers, Cape Town . Water Research Commission, Pretoria .
  • Martinez, I. & Bruchs,J (2009)Tsodilo Resources Pty Limited uses GIS techniques for base metal exploration and kimberlite targeting in NW Ngamiland (Botswana) - a case study exhibiting the potential for 3-D visualization of aeromagnetic terrain data and improved feature extraction based on ERDAS IMAGINE®, ER Mapper ®, IMAGINE VirtualGIS® and ArcView® software.p1-17. GISarticleIMJMB42709 http://www.tsodiloresources.com/s/Home.asp
  • Martinez, Iuma A. (2004) Preliminary synopsis: Status analysis for the development and implementation of a GIS database for West Africa. Internal Report for (FSBV) (94pp)
  • Martinez , Iuma A. and Abbott, J. (2000) The technical aspects of a Bi-level GIS database model for developing countries. Paper presented to the International Intergraph User's Conference (IGUG) 2000, 7-11 May, Alabama
  • Martinez , Iuma A. and Abbott, J. (in press) The application of a Bi-level geographic information systems database model to encourage the dissemination, use and production of geoinformation in developing countries. Part B of the International Archives of Photogammetry and Remote Sensing. XIXth ISPRS Congress Amsterdam 2000 (16-23 July 2000).
  • Martinez , Iuma A. and Abbott, J. (in press) The development of a Bi-level geographic information systems (GIS) database model for informal settlement upgrading. International Journal of Geographic Information Science, Taylor and Francis.
  • Martinez , Iuma A. (1999) The development of a Bi-level geographic information systems (GIS) database model for informal settlement upgrading. unpublished PhD Thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town, 468p.
  • Martinez, I. and Abbott, J. (1998) A user survey of GIS in the Cape Town City Council. Internal Report. University of Cape Town, Department of Civil Engineering, Rondebosch 7700, Cape Town, South Africa, 145p.
  • Martinez, I. A. (1992) The relative importance of the conductive and convective heat transfer mechanisms in the contact thermal aureole of the Kuboos Pluton. Unpublished Honours thesis, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cape Town, 60p.
  • Martinez, I. A. (1995) Stable isotope geochemistry of the Okenyenya igneous complex, Namibia : constraints on contamination and fluid interaction. Unpublished Master's thesis, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cape Town, 87p.
  • Martinez, I., Harris, C., le Roux, A. P. & Milner, S.C. (1995) Oxygen isotope evidence for crustal contamination in the Okenyenya Igneous Complex, Namibia. Geochim. Cos. Acta.
  • Martinez, I. A. (1995) Heavy mineral analysis of marine sediments from the 12B and Hottentots Bay Namco concessions (Unpub. Reports 1-4).
  • Tsodilo Resources (2009)Copperbelt extends to Botswana. Inside Mining Vol.2 Number 7, June 2009. p22-27.Adapted from de Wit,M.(2009)


Eddie Guild is an an Operations / Logistics Manager with extensive experience in the installation, operation and repair of satellite & terrestrial based positioning systems, as well as sonar, chirp, air gun, echo sounders and various sub bottom profilers. He is familiar with land survey techniques and the interpretation of side scan sonar and bathymetry records. Other areas of extensive offshore experience include: senior and project / logistics management and ISO 9000 series internal auditing.

His specialities include: Logistics & procurement, general and project management, administration, HSE, auditing and supervisory / QC work DGPS services.

PERSONAL: Date of birth: 09 July 1951 Belfast Northern Ireland UK

NATIONALITY: British / South African (dual nationality)

LANGUAGES: English, basic Spanish


1956 - 1961 UK primary school

1961 - 1968 UK secondary modern school

1968 - 1971 UK Bromley Technical College (day release)

1993 - Integrated Logistic Support course

1994 - SABS ISO 9000

1994 internal auditor course

1994 - Business management course

1995 - Finance for non-financial manager course

2003 - SABS / SAATCA Bridging course ISO 9001 - 2000


GCE O and A levels (5 x O & 3 A); City and Guilds (intermediate) (RS/ES); City and Guilds final telecommunications; SABS approved ISO 9001 – 2000 Internal Auditor


3 years radio and television technician.

14 years surveying technician / field supervisor / party chief.

20 years Operations, Logistics, Project and technical management.

Extensive experience in the installation, operation and repair of satellite & terrestrial based positioning systems, as well as sonar, chirp, air gun, echo sounders and various sub bottom profilers. Familiar with land survey techniques and the interpretation of side scan sonar and bathymetry records, extensive offshore experience.

Extensive senior and project / logistics management experience, ISO 9000 series internal audit experience.


1998 - present: Fugro Survey Africa (Pty) Ltd.(Formally Underwater Surveys PTY Ltd.) Operations / Logistics Manager

1990 - 1997: Decca / Racal South Africa (now Thales South Africa)

1989 - 1990: Namibian West Coast Diamonds (since closed)

1984 - 1989: IGW Survey Abu Dhabi (now Fugro Middle East)

1980 - 1984: Freelance project manager / party chief

1971 - 1980: Coastal Surveys (a division of Decca Survey)

1968 - 1971: DER TV Engineer


From 1985 to present held the position of Operations and Logistics manager & have been responsible for the profitable and efficient management of contracts and projects in the Middle East, West Africa and Southern Africa. Covering all disciplines from preparation of tenders to submission of final reports.With major contracts in Qatar, UAE, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal and Mozambique.

This included writing of technical survey proposals, client liaison, project planning and recruitment of staff, sourcing of equipment, arranging freight, transport, logistics, aircraft and vessel charters. Also permitting, visa’s and licensing, control of office and field staff, preparation of invoices, general administration duties, HSE and overseeing workshop and store activities.Involved in sales and marketing of various survey agency products in Southern Africa.

For the last 9 years responsible for all the company’s procurement requirements.

In 1989/90 control, planning and logistics of diamond surveys and recovery / sampling activities in Lüderitz, Namibia.Also acted as Client Representative for Allseas Marine for the Pre-lay, As Built and Diving Surveys of the Mossgas export Pipelines (South Africa).

1980 to 1985 Project and logistics Manager / Party Chief on site surveys, shallow seismic, rig moves, pipe-lay, construction barges and environmental surveys.

1980 to 1981 Project and logistics Co-ordinator for the Trans-med Pipeline pre-engineering survey.

1981 to 1982 carried out positioning for a large-scale shallow seismic programme on the Sinai coast of Egypt using SSS, SBP and Geoseis, and an extensive seismic refraction-shooting programme.

1971 to 1980 surveying technician and field supervisor on various offshore projects worldwide, including rig moves, seismic positioning, offshore construction, site surveys, and pre and post-construction surveys. Mainly in the Far East, Middle East, North and West Africa, also Canada, South America and the Caribbean.

1968 to 1971 trainee television and radio engineer. Also attended Technical College of Further Education to obtain City & Guilds Telecommunications Certificate.

Has acted in the capacity of Client Representative on several occasions, including the QC of site surveys, mineral surveys and various offshore construction projects, including Mossgas (South Africa) and the Trans-med (Libya to Sicily) Pipelines.

Has acted in the capacity of General and deputy general manager on several occasions.

Various in house training courses completed on equipment, surveying techniques, financial management, ISO 9000, logistics and satellite based spot beam, VSAT, and other DGPS services.


-Computer literate, with programming in basic and machine code.

-Familiar with various hydrographic software programs.

-Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc.

-Fully familiar with Fugro FAIM asset database software

-Side Scan Sonar’s: Klein, EG&G and Waverley.

-USBL /LUSBL/ acoustics, Sonardyne, Simrad, Kongsberg

-Positioning DGPS, MN8, Seastar, OmniSTAR, Skyfix, and Landstar.

-Positioning terrestrial, Trisponder, Microfix, Hyperfix, ARGO, Shoran, RTK.

-Satellite based spot beam services.

-Echo sounders: Elac, Atlas, Simrad, and Ulvertech.

-Servicing most types of survey equipment to component / PCB level.

-Sub-bottom profilers: ORE, EG&G XStar, Boomer, Sparker, air gun.

-Heave compensators, TSS, Seatex, and Octans.

-Familiar with conventional land survey techniques.

-Familiar with interpretation of side scan sonar, shallow seismic and bathymetric records.

-Familiar with Microsoft Access and other database software.

-36 years of survey experience, onshore and offshore, (14 years at sea).

-Widely travelled with extensive international experience.

-Experienced in running projects and logistics in hostile areas.

-Wide experience in data acquisition, QC and processing / reporting.

-SABS accredited internal auditor for ISO9000 Quality Systems (QMS)

-Experience of asset tracking / maintenance databases.

-Extensive senior, project and general management experience.

-Extensive logistics, marketing and administrative experience.

-Extensive offshore rig move, pipe lay and construction experience.

-Extensive procurement and purchasing experience.


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